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Coronavirus: Local Support

What to Expect if You’re Called by an NHS Contact Tracer

When contacting individuals who have tested positive, contact tracers will ask people to identify others who they’ve been in close contact with and places they’ve been 48 hours prior to the onset of symptoms up until the time they’ve self-isolated. This information will then be inputted into contact tracing software and used to identify and contact those identified.

The positive individual will not be named by the contact tracer in line with patient confidentiality, unless they agree to have their details disclosed to help the contact tracing process.

Importantly, contact tracers will not ask anyone for information about bank accounts or medical records, and they will not try to sell you anything. The data gathered will be stored securely by NHS Scotland and safely destroyed as soon as possible after the pandemic concludes.

If you are unsure, you can verify calls are genuine by calling the NHS Ayrshire and Arran Contact Tracing Team on 01292 559880 during working hours (Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, and 10am to 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays)

A privacy statement about the use of information as part of contact tracing can be found on the NHS Scotland site.

Local Organisations (Cunninghame South Constituency Area)

The following local groups are able to provide assistance to local residents within the Cunninghame South constituency:

  • CHAP are operating a telephone/email service for assistance with housing, benefits and debt issues in North Ayrshire.
    They are also able to offer assistance to those homeowners across Ayrshire who are facing mortgage repossession. They can be contacted on 01294 475633 or during normal office hours.
  • CLASP are now providing a telephone befriending and digital support service for older people residing in North Ayrshire during this pandemic via their HOPE and CLASP Digital Projects.
    If you are in isolation and could benefit from a regular call for a chat they have trained befrienders who can be a listening ear, help boost morale and offer guidance and signposting assistance if you require other support services during this difficult time.

    They also have a team of Digital Tutors and Digital Buddies who can support you with any digital queries you might have or they can contact you via Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime etc.

    If you feel like you could benefit, telephone Liz on 07464206592 or email You will then be allocated a befriender to offer you support during this crisis.
  • North Ayrshire Foodbank are offering aid to anyone who is finding it difficult to access food or have supplies delivered. You may contact them directly on 01294 601312 or by emailing They are open Mon – Fri: 10am to 2pm – please leave a message out with those hours.
  • The Community Hearing Support Service is able to assist NHS hearing aid users with batteries and advice during this time.

    Please contact or 07391 017781
  • Unity Carer Centre offers specialist information, support, advocacy and advice. If you are an unpaid or family carer of almost any age you can access support. All Centre staff are now home based until further notice. They are still available for phone appointments through the normal number and hours: 01924 311333

Community Hubs and Contact Numbers

Community Hubs have been established in localities around North Ayrshire to help callers with their concerns about health & well-being, money and food relating to COVID-19. They are coordinated by a small team of North Ayrshire Council and Health and Social Care staff. They will not be open for members of the public to visit but should be contacted via the phone numbers detailed below.

  • Irvine – Fullarton; 07934 163884; 07398 108924; 01294 278207
  • Irvine – Vineburgh; 07864 718921; 07398 108915; 01294 317156
  • Irvine; 07936 033039; 01294 313593
  • Kilwinning; 07395 941792; 01294 554699
  • Three Towns; 07907 878861; 01294 47590

The hubs will link in with local volunteers including groups already established and there is also an online application form for new volunteers.

Support for People in North Ayrshire Shielding in Relation to the Coronavirus

Shielding is a range of measures that can be taken to protect extremely vulnerable people from coming into contact with coronavirus, by minimising all interaction between them and others. You should have had a letter from the Chief Medical Officer if this applies to you.

We understand that this means the practical aspects of daily life may become very difficult for you and you might feel worried and isolated. If you need help with things like getting food, making sure you have enough money, getting your prescription or your wellbeing you can get in touch with us.

Support for People in North Ayrshire Shielding in Relation to the Coronavirus Telephone North Ayrshire Council on: (01294) 310000

School Meal Provision

Following the Government’s announcement regarding school closures, North Ayrshire Council have confirmed that young people eligible for free school meals and/or in receipt of a school clothing grant will receive a weekly food package for both them and their families in the weeks ahead.

This package will be delivered to your home and will include lunch recipes and related ingredients.

To take part in the scheme, eligible families must opt-in by contacting North Ayrshire Council. The service is aimed at those who have a child or children eligible for free school meals and/or in receipt of a school clothing grant. If you are eligible and have not yet registered, please fill in this form.

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