Support for Scottish Sports Alliance Goals

I am happy to add my support to The Scottish Sports Alliances 3 goals.  

Getting children into sport early provides them positive role models and establish’s healthy behaviors, build confidence and belonging.  For the wider community sport socially connects individuals and groups. In terms of physical and mental health it can bring measurable differences in a relatively short space of time.  I have also seen first hand how sport can affect the justice landscape too, giving our young people a positive, sociable and enjoyable diversion.  

Three goals for sport:
  1. Help every young person in Scotland get active and stay healthy
  2. Make better use of sporting facilities
  3. Champion the efforts of sporting volunteers and coaches
Our First Minister Alex Salmond says “The SNP support the Alliance’s campaign and share Scots’ passion for sport.  Getting children involved at a young age is vital, and we are committed to the delivery of at least 2 hours PE in primary schools and 2 periods of PE in secondary schools by 2014.  We support making better use of sports facilities and opening up school school sports facilities to meet the SNP’s ambition for a healthier and more active nation.  However facilities are only part of the the picture – it is the time, effort and commitment of thousands of volunteers and coaches who are the backbone of sports teams and sports clubs across Scotland”

Last weekend at conference the establishment of a £10 million fund that will allow communities to bring their local sports facilities across Scotland into the 21 st century was announced, welcome news indeed.  

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