West Road Fostering Xtra – Duke of Edinburgh Young People’s Group

A local scene captured beautifully by one of the young people

Last Thursday Scottish Government Minister for children and young people Aileen Campbell came to visit North Ayrshire’s West Road Fostering xtra project.

The group uses a unique combination of the Duke of Edinburgh Award and therapeutic work.  This work helps the young people to develop social skills, self esteem and confidence.  The peer group provides support not always available in mainstream activity groups.  The therapeutic element of the group is based on narrative therapy, which aims to transform people’s perceptions of themselves as problematic and unsuccessful to someone who has skills, talents and abilities.  Just some of these skills were evidenced by the magnificent photography displayed on the walls at West Road.  

The project recently received wider recognition reaching the finals of the Scottish Social Services Care Accolades Awards in the “One to Watch” category which was where it came to the Ministers attention.

It was a real pleasure to hear two of the young people talk about their photographic work, what they had and hadn’t enjoyed and how they had progressed through the programme and what they planned to do next.

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