Our Independence Rally 2012

In Edinburgh I met with family and friends, we’d been looking forward to the occasion for a while and traveled from all over Scotland for the event.  As we set off from the Meadows the mood was upbeat but calm.  It was amazing to see all the flags and banners held high against the blue skys as the march snaked down the brae in front of us.

I’ve been on many marches and demos over the years, protesting war, nuclear weapons, austerity.  Yesterday was different.  For the first time it wasn’t in protest that we gathered but celebration.  It’s such an exciting time for Scottish politics and for the first time in my lifetime we have the opportunity to achieve Independence.  Standing shoulder to shoulder with folk from all over Scotland, from many political parties, organisations and none it felt like we were kicking off the journey to that reality in style.    
The Ross bandstand filled quickly, there’s been much talk of numbers and how important or not it was.  I think estimates of around 7000 are probably fair (take the police figure add the organisers and divide by two!).  Personally I don’t think we need to get too hung up on that at the moment, it was a peaceful, positive successful event that will grow year on year.  We loved the the music in between the speeches, more of that next year please! 

The variety of speakers was a good reflection of the breadth of support that exists for a YES vote in 2014.
A vote not for one political party but for the assertion that Scotland, like every other country in the world and perfectly capable of running her own affairs.

Money raised and spent by a Scottish parliament elected by the people who live here.  Not so much nationalism but democracy!

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