North Ayrshire "Rising Stars" praised in Scottish Parliament

Cunninghame North MSP Kenneth Gibson has tabled a motion in the Scottish Parliament praising North Ayrshires rising stars:

“That the Parliament congratulates all of the winners at North Ayrshire’s Rising Stars Awards 2013; understands that the awards celebrate the many and varied ways in which young people help to enrich the lives of others and support their community; further understands that the awards also recognise young talent including artists, academics, sportsmen and sportswomen, as well as those who are considered to be assets to their local community, and considers that North Ayrshire’s Rising Stars Awards, which are now in their second year, offer a great opportunity to recognise and celebrate the outstanding contribution made by the young people of North Ayrshire, who it believes are a credit to themselves and their communities and who offer a positive example to others.”

The motion has received cross party support of MSPs from all over the country who clearly recognise what an asset our young people are to us here in North Ayrshire.

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