Pilot House restoration – update

Cllr Maguire with some of the Coastwatch Irvine members

A while back I wrote about an exciting project to bring the Pilot House back into community use.  I am delighted to report that things are progressing with the Pilot House Restoration project.

I met with Coastwatch Irvine on Saturday at the Pilot House where they were speaking to the public about their plans.  STV were there filming folk on the beach enjoying the good weather and also stopped for a chat and seemed interested to do a piece on the project in the future.

There will be an organised tidy up of the grounds at some point soon and will continue to canvas around the area, if you see them stop for a chat.  There are boards up on the fence at the Pilot House which show plans and contact details.

Coastwatch are still recruiting more volunteers, if you are interested in getting involved Billy Lamb is the person to contact.

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