Roadmap to Independence

Yesterday, the Scottish Government published its guide to what an independent Scotland will look like. The document, Scotland’s Future, is the most detailed blueprint for our country ever produced.

Both sides now agree that Scotland can be a successful independent nation. Our public finances are healthier than the UK’s and by creating our own economic policies, we will be able to make the most of our resources and talents.
Our young people have much to gain from independence. Getting rid of nuclear weapons on the Clyde and no longer having to pay for politicians at Westminster will save us money which can put to use protecting things like free university tuition, we can invest in jobs and get folk back into work.  An important part of this strategy will be a transformational increase in childcare with a near doubling of free nursery edcuation for three and four year olds.  It will be extended to every one or two year old too.

When we vote Yes in next year’s referendum, we will be free ourselves from a system which simply doesn’t work for us. We will direct our wealth and resources to where they are most needed – for instance, by investing in education, new jobs and childcare.
Independence will be a defining moment for us all.  Scotland’s future will be in Scotland’s hands and this will open up new opportunities.  Our own government will finally have all the powers it needs to put the needs and interests of the people of this country first.

It is a hugely exciting prospect for us all. Let’s make sure we seize it with a Yes vote next September.

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