SNP Group in North Ayrshire Council is set to to continue its policy of ‘No Bedroom Tax Evictions’ for a further year.

Speaking on behalf of the Group, finance and housing spokesperson Cllr Ruth Maguire commented:

“North Ayrshire’s SNP councillors are determined to do all we can to protect tenants affected by this cruel and unfair Westminster tax.  The Bedroom Tax is hitting some of North Ayrshire’s most vulnerable people.  That’s why in March last year, the SNP made a no evictions pledge for a 1 year transitional period.”
“I can confirm today that the SNP Group will continue with this policy.” 

The Bedroom Tax is imposed on Scotland, despite the fact over 90 per cent of Scottish MPs voted against it.  Westminster just do not get how tough things are for many Scots suffering from UK government cuts.” 

“We understand the pain and upset the bedroom tax is causing and hope that this pledge provides comfort that we will take all practical steps within our power to protect tenants.”

This year, George Osborne has already promised new, massive cuts of £25 billion – including £12 billion from welfare.
“To end this assault on our social protection, we need power over welfare here in Scotland, and polls show that most Scots want welfare decisions to be made in Scotland.  

“A Yes vote in September will deliver this”.