North Ayrshire Rising Stars Award

North Ayrshire rising stars awards took place on Friday 13th June.  As North Ayrshire Youth Champion I was privileged to play a part opening and closing proceedings in Greenwood.  “It’s a privilege is one of those phrases that trips off the tongue a lot in speeches but I mean what I say, getting to call young folk in North Ayrshire “our” young people and feel pride and celebrate their endeavors and achievements is a joy.

2014 is the 3rd year of the Rising Stars Awards and our opportunity to acknowledge and praise wonderful creative, athletic, academic, brave, confident, tenacious and kind young people.  Young people who are doing great things and making the world a brighter place for themselves, their families, friends and wider community.  The skills talents and characteristics awarded in the ceremony are ones which will stand the nominees in good stead for the challenges and opportunities they will face in life and should give us all cause to feel positive about the future.

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