NAC Procurement team “Highly Commended”
 Team of the Year at GO Awards

Finance & Corporate Support cabinet reports
SNP Group meeting & Budget Briefing
Cabinet Pre-agenda
GO Awards
“I am really pleased that the work of our Procurement Team has received national recognition.  They should feel very proud of their well deserved award.”

Campaigning for Grace Maclean in the ward 8 By-election Largs

Irvine Area Committee
I have asked that a report on consultation with West Road residents regarding parking be brought to our next committee meeting. Whilst the parking strategy came to NA Cabinet it is crucial that all local members are able to scrutinise actions promised.  Namely that views of residents would be taken into consideration prior to any changes to Town Centre arrangements that could potentially exacerbate the issues they are experiencing.
Finance and Corporate Support Meeting

Special meeting of North Ayrshire Council