SNP Deputy Leadership contest – Dalry Hustings

When my daughter Daisy heard the Deputy leaders position was available she was very excited. “Mum you should definitely go for it.” Her disappointment when I said I wasn’t qualified was tough “But mum it would be really cool and you have a proven track record of working well with Sturgeons”  It took a wee while to convince her that I wasn’t being totally unambitious. And that a good relationship with Cllr Joan Sturgeon was fab but didn’t really make me Deputy Leader material!  

I really like that she thought I could do it though, it felt reflective of something wider – having heard Nicola Sturgeon speak about her journey in politics and been around campaigning (a lot) politics isn’t an elitist thing to her.  I hope after the momentous referendum campaign folk on all sides are feeling like that too. 

So to those who are qualified for the position – Keith Brown, Angela Constance and Stuart Hosie.  All three candidates in the contest are competent, able folk bringing different strengths and good ideas to the table.  Whoever wins will do a fine job and the SNP are lucky we have plenty talent in our ranks.  I really enjoyed hearing all speak and take questions from the floor.

However, tonight’s hustings in Dalry confirmed to me, that my vote in the election is for Angela Constance.  That’s my one vote, by the way.  In the SNP we do a one member one vote thing, quaint wee democrats that we are.  

“Angela’s pledge to the rank and file members of the Scottish National Party, her commitment to Independence, Equality and Democracy are what we need to make the party the best it can be and serve the people of Scotland well.  And whilst perhaps not entirely comfortable territory, as a party, we must embrace Scotland’s new politics, reach out to our allies in the wider YES movement and continue to work together to send the maximum number of Independence supporting MPs to Westminster.”  

You can read more about Angela’s campaign and pledge support on her website     



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