North Ayrshire Council opposed to the Tory Trade Union bill

Labour and SNP councillors united in opposition to the Tory Trade Union bill at full council yesterday.  There were good speeches from both sides of the floor in support of both workers and the wider role trade unions play in the democratic process and our communities.  

I am proud that our council and others in Scotland will stand with Scottish Trade Unions in opposition to this vindictive and undemocratic bill.  We are clear that existing industrial relations arrangements should be honoured and protected.

“Council notes the Conservative Government are proposing a Trade Union Bill that will restrict the ability of this council to engage in good industrial relations practices with our workforce and their representatives. 

Council believes the collection of union dues through the check-off arrangement, from which the council receives income, is part of our collective and contractual arrangements with the trades unions and one which we will defend and support.

Council commits not to use agency staff to break or weaken industrial action and to continue to support arrangements that afford trade union representatives sufficient resources to enable them to carry out their functions to ensure the continuation of good industrial relations. 

The Leader of the Council commits to writing to the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills stating council’s opposition to this Bill and our resolve not to co-operate with any attacks on facility time or check off. 

Council also agrees to the Leader writing to the Scottish Government outlining the position taken by North Ayrshire Council and urging them to do whatever they can to support this approach across the public sector in Scotland.”

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