On Saturday 2nd July, Cunninghame South’s MSP, Ruth Maguire, and Local Hero, Marri Welsh, joined 128 other MSPs and their Local Heroes to celebrate the Opening Ceremony of the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. 
Highlights of the day’s events included Her Majesty the Queen addressing MSPs in the Chamber and Local Heroes taking part in the ‘Riding’ procession down Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.
Last month, all 129 MSPs were invited to nominate a constituent who makes a positive difference to the lives of others – often with little recognition – as their Local Hero. Read more about Ruth’s decision to nominate Marri and Food Train here.
 Commenting on the experience, Marri said:
‘It was a fantastic day, and I was honoured to be there. We managed to escape the rain showers and enjoyed the sunshine. It was a privilege to be part of this memorable day and thank you again to Ruth for inviting me.’

Speaking after Saturday’s event, Ruth said: ‘The day was a wonderful celebration of democracy, poetry, music and song. Most importantly, in the spirit of a true people’s parliament,  it was a celebration of the people of Scotland, people such as our Local Heroes, who make this country what it is. It was a pleasure to share this day with Marri, and to be able to highlight the transformational work being done by Food Train.’

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