Weekly Bulletin 21st-27th November

Last week, Ruth:
• Held MSP advices surgeries in Towerlands, Castlepark,
Springside and Lanfine community centres
• Spoke in a Holyrood debate about the Future of Social Security in
Scotland, condemning the morally bankrupt welfare reform of the
UK Tory Govt, and focusing on how the devolution of 15% of
welfare powers to Scotland gives us the opportunity to do things
• As a member of the Parliament’s Local Government and
Communities Committee, took evidence from a range of people
and organisations on the topic of payments to returning officers in
Scotland; as well as evidence from a range of organisations on
aspects of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015,
before finishing by considering a draft report on the Local
Government Boundary Commission for Scotland’s 5th Electoral
• Met with representatives of the Royal National Institute for the
Blind to discuss issues relating to the devolution of disability
benefits to Holyrood
• Visited Bourtreehill Medical Practice in Irvine for a tour of the
practice, to discuss data sharing, and to learn more about the
challenges and opportunities facing our local GPs
• Held a meeting to encourage people to take part in the
Government’s National Survey with MP colleague Philippa
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