On Monday 16th January,  Ruth paid a visit to the site of local renewables company and training centre, Windhoist.

Windhoist is a global leader in wind turbine erection and heavy lift engineering, and delivers world class industry specific training programmes from their training centre in Irvine. The company has installed more than 4, 800 wind turbines across the globe, from South Africa and Morocco to Australia and Belgium.

Ruth, who drew attention to the global reach and achievements of Windhoist in a recent Holyrood debate on Scotland’s Climate Targets, commented after the visit:

‘Scotland has been blessed with fantastic renewable energy potential, home, for example, to around a quarter of Europe’s offshore wind resource.

Not only that, but we have made tremendous strides in harnessing it, establishing our nation as an international example, indeed as an inspiration, when it comes to renewable energy.

Windhoist is part of that success story and will be a crucial part of our future achievements too.

I hugely enjoyed hearing about the challenges and opportunities ahead for the industry and am very thankful to the staff at Windhoist for hosting this visit.’

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