Weekly Bulletin 16th January – 22nd January

This week, Ruth has:

  •  Met with Transport Scotland to discuss issues around safety at the Dalgavern section of the A737
  • Visited local renewables company, Windhoist, to find out more about the challenges and opportunities facing the industry
  •  As a member of the Local Government and Communities Committee, taken evidence from a range of individuals and organisations, including the Electoral Commission and the Minister for Parliamentary Business, on Scottish local government elections, voting, and turnout
  • As a member of the Social Security Committee, taken part in a fact-finding visit in Musselburgh with MSP colleagues to learn more about people’s experience of the roll-out of universal credit
  • Condemned the hypocrisy of the Tory party in a Tory-led Holyrood debate on health inequality, drawing attention to its root cause of income inequality and poverty
  • Attended a reception at the Wellwood Burns Centre to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Burns museum
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