On Tuesday 3rd October, the Scottish Government announced that fracking is to be banned in Scotland.

The full ban on fracking, or unconventional oil and gas, replaces the existing moratorium and comes as the result of a scientific evidence-based approach as well as extensive engagement and consultation with communities across Scotland.

In a statement to Parliament, Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy, Paul Wheelhouse, clarified that the current moratorium will stay in place indefinitely, and that “fracking cannot and will not take place in Scotland.”

Welcoming the decision, Ruth said:

“It has long been my personal opinion that fracking poses serious risks to health, communities, and our environment, and the overwhelming majority of the feedback that I have heard from my own constituents is that they would not want to see it take place here.

The Scottish Government’s evidence led and consultative approach, in stark contrast to the gung-ho approach of the Tories in Westminster, has now also come to the conclusion that it cannot be proven beyond any doubt that there is no risk to health, communities or the environment, and that there should be no fracking in Scotland.

I strongly welcome the news that a full ban will now be put in place on fracking in Scotland – and look forward to voting in favour of this when it comes before Parliament.”







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