Following the Scottish Government’s announcement that it will ban the use of electric shock collars, pressure is mounting on the UK Government to use its powers to ban their sale and supply across the UK.

The Scottish Government’s move has been warmly welcomed by stakeholders such as the Dogs Trust and the SSPCA as well as by politicians from across the spectrum and the public at large.

On Thursday 25th January, MSPs used a debate on the topic of electric shock collars to commend the Scottish Government’s responsiveness to concerns raised – and call on the UK Tory Government to act. Although both Scotland and Wales have now banned the use of the harmful devices, only the UK Government has the power to stop their sale and supply.

Speaking in the debate, SNP MSP for Cunninghame South, Ruth Maguire, said:

“The Scottish Government deserves credit for the fact that it has clearly listened to, taken on board, and responded to people’s concerns in its very welcome shift to an outright ban.

“The fight against electric shock collars has now been won in Scotland – but it remains to be won in the UK.

“It is crucial that we now turn our attention towards pressuring the UK Government to use its power to ban the sale and supply of these harmful devices across the UK– something it has so far failed to do.

“Electric shock collars are cruel and ineffective – and have no place in a society committed to upholding the highest standards of animal welfare.

“I hope the UK Government demonstrate that they are listening as much as the Scottish Government to the compelling arguments against electric shock collars – and take action as urgently as we have done here in Scotland.”