Over £148 million has been granted to hard-up households since 2013 through the Scottish Welfare Fund, according to latest Scottish Government figures – including over £5 million in North Ayrshire.

 The latest stats show that 275,000 households have benefited from the Scottish Welfare Fund – which provides Community Care Grants and Crisis Grants – with over one third of those helped being families with children.

And over 18,105 people in North Ayrshire have been helped with emergency Crisis Grants – which are most often spent on food and essential heating – with Tory welfare cuts responsible for 14% of applications to the Scottish Welfare Fund.

SNP MSP for Cunninghame South, Ruth Maguire, said:

“It is encouraging to see so many people across North Ayrshire accessing the support they need through the Scottish Welfare Fund.

“The SNP is committed to continuing to support the people who need it most despite ongoing Tory austerity and callous welfare cuts – which is why this over £5 million investment in North Ayrshire is so important.

“Across North Ayrshire in 2017, 100% of those receiving Crisis Grants were helped within 2 working days – proving how quick and effective this emergency funding is for many.

“The Scottish Welfare Fund is one of the important steps the SNP Scottish Government is taking to protect North Ayrshire from Tory cuts and to make sure more people don’t fall into poverty.”

“The SNP Scottish Government continues to offer help through the Scottish Welfare Fund to the individuals and families in North Ayrshire that Tories in Westminster have abandoned.”