On Monday 30th April, SNP MSP for Cunninghame South, Ruth Maguire, teamed up with adorable 5 month old Dalmatian puppy, Harley, to take in Holyrood’s second Dog of the Year competition in the Scottish Parliament Gardens.

At the competition, organised by the Kennel Club and Dogs Trust, MSPs turned out to wow the judges either with their own dog or with a Dogs Trust dog – with the hope of helping the Dogs Trust dog to find its forever home through the publicity of the competition.

A panel of judges observed the MSPs and their dogs tackle a fun dog agility course – including a tunnel and jump – before casting their votes and deciding on the winners.

Scottish Conservative MSP Maurice Golden took first place with  his golden cocker spaniel puppy, Leo, with the SNP’s Christine Grahame and a Dogs Trust coming second, and Labour’s Mark Griffin and his beagle coming in third.

Commenting after the event, Ruth said:

“Even though Harley didn’t win, it was great to take part in the second Holyrood Dog of the Year contest – which I hope will remain a feature of the parliamentary calendar.

“As well as being a fun and light-hearted event, it’s also a great opportunity to discuss the importance of responsible dog ownership and animal welfare – and to help the Dogs Trust dogs find their forever homes.

“Harley is a very friendly and lovable dalmatian who will make a wonderful addition to a lucky family – I had to try very hard not to take her home with me after the competition!

“I hugely appreciate the hard work of the Dogs Trust and the Kennel Club both in organising this event, and in the care they provide to dogs all through the year, and I would encourage all of my constituents to adopt, and not to shop.”


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