MSP welcomes launch of fireworks consultation views sought on tackling fireworks misuse


Ruth Maguire MSP for Cunninghame South has welcomed the launch of a public consultation which aims to ensure that everyone can enjoy fireworks displays safely.

The consultation which was launched on 3rd February by the Scottish Government’s Community Safety Minister, Ash Denholm, asks for views on whether the sale of fireworks to the public should be banned, and what other measures can help ensure fireworks are used safely and responsibly.

Responses will inform on-going discussions about whether changes to legislation and regulation of fireworks in Scotland are needed, following concerns about their misuse and the potential impact on public safety and animal welfare.

Legislation on the sale and storage of fireworks is reserved to the UK Government while laws covering their use is devolved.

SNP MSP Ruth Maguire said: “From conversations and correspondence with constituents I am aware of concern about the use and sale of fireworks to individuals. Most people enjoy fireworks responsibly and they are a focal point of celebrations throughout the year from New Year to summer festivals, and, of course, bonfire night.  But if used inappropriately or without proper consideration for others they can cause distress or even injury to both people and animals.

“While much of the existing legislation on the sale of fireworks is reserved to Westminster, this is a chance for folk across Irvine, Stevenston, Kilwinning and the rest of Scotland to make their views known.”

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