New analysis from the Scottish Government has found that Boris Johnson’s revised Brexit deal would leave people in Cunninghame South the equivalent of £1,600-a-person worse off by 2030.

The analysis also found that Scotland’s GDP would fall by around £9 billion compared to projections if we stayed in the EU.

With a general election confirmed for 12th December, local MSP Ruth Maguire has called on voters in Cunninghame South to back the SNP if they want to escape the chaos of Brexit.

Ruth Maguire is also encouraging her constituents to make sure they are registered to vote online at

Commenting, SNP MSP for Cunninghame South Ruth Maguire said:

“This upcoming election will be one of the most important on living memory – so it’s absolutely crucial that people here in Cunninghame South are registered to vote.  

“Scotland didn’t vote for Brexit, but the Tories at Westminster are hell bent on dragging Scotland out of the EU against our will.

“Today’s analysis has made clear that any form of Brexit will inflict major harm on Scotland’s economy – costing hard working families right here in Irvine £1,600 per person.

“We can’t let Boris Johnson cut us off from the world, putting thousands of jobs at stake in the process. It’s time for action not words – let’s use this election to send Westminster a message that we’ve had enough.

“Vote SNP on 12th December and escape the never ending chaos of Brexit.”  

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