Scottish Councils Handed New Powers to Tackle Unregistered Lettings Market

Ruth Maguire MSP has backed an announcement from the Scottish Government that local councils will be given new powers to licence and limit the number of short-term lets, such as AirBNB.  

The number of short-term lets in Scotland has risen dramatically in recent years – but evidence shows that in many tourist hotspots locals are finding it increasingly hard to find homes to live in.  

Speaking in Holyrood on Wednesday, Housing Minister Kevin Stewart outlined the SNP’s plans to establish a licensing scheme for short-term lets and a review of the tax paid by the properties – as well handing councils the power to introduce ‘short-term let control areas’ where the number of AirBNB properties can be restricted through planning permission.

Welcoming the announcement, MSP for Cunninghame South, Ruth Maguire said:

“It’s crucial that the right balance between the economic benefits of tourism and the impact on our local communities is struck.  I am pleased proposals announced by the Scottish Government will give North Ayrshire Council new powers to deal with this matter in a manner that best ensures the right amount of short term lets in our local community and that they make a fair contribution to the services they use.”

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