Vigilance Around Hedgehogs Called for as Hibernation Period Nears End

MSP for Cunninghame South, Ruth Maguire has urged members of the public to be mindful of young hedgehogs which may be in difficulty.

Following on from National Hedgehog Day, the MSP drew attention to declining numbers of the species as a cause for concern.

Having been appointed a species champion for hedgehogs in 2016 by Scottish Environment LINK, Ms Maguire said:

“I’ve had the privilege of visiting the wonderful staff at Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Centre who took in 98 hedgehogs over Christmas.

“These hedgehogs were mostly young adults who were unable to put on enough weight prior to hibernation due to the time of year they were born. They will be released in the Spring after being taken care of where they will hopefully breed.

“As we’re still in Winter, it’s advised that if you come across a hedgehog during the daytime, it is in difficulty and should be taken into care. Put it in a secure box with cosy bedding and kept in a warm place till advice is sought from a rescue centre.

“If the hedgehog is active tinned cat or dog food can be offered, and water in a small untippable dish.”

Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Centre held a special event to mark National Hedgehog Day on the 2nd February where the public were given further advice on how to help.

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