Ruth Maguire MSP today echoed the First Minister’s call for the public to exercise restraint and avoid making unnecessary journeys to protect the progress made so far in tackling the coronavirus outbreak.

This comes after the First Minister’s daily briefing which indicated a 10 per cent rise in traffic in some towns and cities across the country. Concessionary bus travel in some areas was also reported to have increased by one sixth.

The MSP for Cunninghame South said: “It’s understandable that as time has gone by under lockdown measures that people may feel emboldened or even entitled to go for a drive. 

“It’s important however that we do not become complacent and allow the excellent work done so far by sticking to social distancing guidelines to be reversed. Please try to be mindful of others before travelling by car or public transport if your journey is essential.”

Speaking to the press yesterday, First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon said: 

“The progress we have made is real and it is significant, but it is still very fragile. The margins we have for ensuring the virus does not take off again are really, really tight. That means we must be very cautious at this stage.

“You might think it’s only you making an extra journey, and that it’s only one trip – and you might well feel you deserve it after weeks of restraint. Believe me, I really understand all of that. But all of it adds up – and the fact remains that if everyone eases off, the virus will quickly take off again and it will have devastating consequences for all of us.”