North Ayrshire Residents Able to Dispose of Waste as Recycling Centres Reopen

Recycling centres in North Ayrshire are gradually beginning to reopen following a loosening of lockdown restrictions.

From today, Bartonholm Household Waste and Recycling centre in Irvine will be opened for the disposal of wood, scrap metal, cardboard, garden and general waste. People who visit the centres will be required to provide a proof of address to gain entry and adhere to social distancing rules set in place at the facility.

Items such as white goods, electrical equipment, oil and batteries will not be able to be disposed off until a full service resumes.

Due to anticipated high demand, North Ayrshire Council are encouraging people to only use the facilities in the first days of reopening if absolutely necessary to avoid road congestion.

Ruth Maguire MSP said: “North Ayrshire Council’s plans to reopen the area’s recycling plants in a phased manner from today will be welcome news to residents who have been inconvenienced by not being able to dispose of increased levels of household and garden waste.

“I would like to echo the Council’s request that due to expected high demand for these facilities, that residents should only go to the recycling centres immediately after re-opening if you are unable to safely dispose of your waste otherwise.”

Full instructions for Bartonholm Household Waste and Recycling Centre is available here.

Guidance on other facilities in North Ayrshire, including scheduled reopening dates, is available here.

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