No Family Should Miss Out On Virtual Prison Visits

Ruth Maguire MSP has urged the Scottish Government to ensure that families do not miss out on virtual prison visits due to a lack of access to technology.

The SNP MSP stressed the importance of maintaining contact with family and friends during lockdown through virtual prison visits in response to a statement on the Justice Sector’s response to the current pandemic.

Speaking in the Scottish Parliament, the representative for Cunninghame South asked the Justice Secretary what was being done to enable families and friends to contact those currently in prison.

Commenting further Ms Maguire said: “No family should miss out on being able to see their relatives due to not having access to technology such as laptops or tablets.

“The suspension of prison visits will have had a significant emotional impact on both those in prison dealing with isolation and their families who have not been able to see them for several weeks now. Every effort must be made to ensure that virtual visiting services are available to those who need them.

“People in Ayrshire who wish to visit relatives in Kilmarnock Prison must also have access to these services as soon as possible.”

Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf noted that bookings for HMP Kilmarnock’s virtual visits are scheduled to open on 22 June with visits beginning on 25 June.

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