Ruth Maguire Urges Funding from Ayrshire Growth Deal to be Released

Ruth Maguire MSP has asked the Scottish Government for a commitment for money to be released from the Ayrshire Growth Deal to alleviate economic harm to the area caused by Covid-19.

The deal, worth over £250 million was agreed in March 2019 in order to bring jobs and long term opportunities to Ayrshire over the coming years.

Speaking in the Scottish Parliament in response to the Finance Secretary’s statement, the MSP for Cunninghame South said: “North Ayrshire is at risk of being particularly hard hit by any economic harms [of Covid-19]. The Ayrshire Growth Deal could be part of the solution to that.

“It’s crucial that it’s signed and money is released so that work can begin and the potential benefits to my Ayrshire constituents can be realised.”

Finance Secretary Kate Forbes said: “We are very much committed to signing a deal for Ayrshire as soon as possible.

“We’ll continue to press the UK Government on the matter in order that communities in Ayrshire can start to benefit from a Growth Deal investment without further delay.”

Providing further comment, Ruth Maguire said: “I’m pleased to hear the comments from the Finance Secretary that efforts will be made to ensure that the money from the Ayrshire Growth Deal will not be unduly postponed.

“The money from this Growth Deal can protect communities in North Ayrshire who are at risk from economic impacts of the pandemic while also bringing long term investment to the area.”

Ruth’s question can be viewed below:

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