North Ayrshire Social Care Projects Benefit from £2.9 Million Funding Extension

Ruth Maguire MSP has welcomed the announcement that social care programmes operating in North Ayrshire are among several third sector projects in Scotland who have extended funding from the Scottish Government until March 2022.

Ayrshire Independent Living Network and Community Brokerage Network are among the 31 social care projects in the country to receive a £2.9 million boost from Inspiring Scotland’s ‘Support in the Right Direction ’programme. The programme was initially funded until March 2021 with the organisations receiving funding providing information, advice and advocacy for people accessing and managing their social care across Scotland.

The year’s extension will allow project staff to continue their vital work helping people and carers navigate their way through the social care system, make the most of the ‘self-directed support ’options available to them, and access the support and care they need in their community.

Ms Maguire said: “I’m very pleased that the funding for Inspiring Scotland to manage social care projects operating in North Ayrshire has been extended for another year.

“The ‘Support in the Right Direction’ programme has highlighted the value of ensuring that carers have practical and emotional support in place as the manage their own lives and the lives of the people that they care for. The projects involved offer impartial advice and advocacy, relieve stress and anxiety and help people and carers maximise their choices and control over their arrangements.

“I’m extremely grateful for the work carried out by Ayrshire Independent Living Network and Community Brokerage Network for their work in the community.”

Inspiring Scotland Chief Executive Celia Tennant said:

“We’re very pleased that all 31 Support in the Right Direction projects will be extended by a further 12 months. This announcement recognises the importance of independent support for people, as part of local health and social care delivery, and provides some stability for these essential charities.”

The Support in the Right Direction programme is managed on behalf of Scottish Government by Inspiring Scotland. Details of the funded Support in the Right Direction projects are available on the Inspiring Scotland website.

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