Domestic Violence Support Highlighted as Covid Restrictions Reintroduced to Slow Spread of Virus

Ruth Maguire MSP today welcomed comments from the First Minister which highlighted available support to women experiencing or at risk of domestic violence.

The comments came after the MSP for Cunninghame South asked a question in response to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s statement detailing new Covid restrictions which take effect across Scotland this week.

Under the guidelines, with limited exceptions, it is not permitted to visit another household until the prevalence of coronavirus is reduced.

Speaking in the Scottish Parliament, Ms Maguire said: “Home isn’t safe for everyone and there will be some women and children who’ll feel fear and anxiety at the prospect of tightened restrictions.”

The First Minister noted the recent announcement of an investment of £4.25 million for frontline services and projects supporting women and children at risk of violence.

She said: “I understand that for those experiencing domestic abuse, any measures that have people more in homes and not at work or interacting with others normally potentially increases the risk that they are at and we do not disregard that risk at all.

“I want to be very clear to people, to anyone who is at risk, support is there. Services are open and available, Police Scotland continue to prioritise responding to domestic abuse. The National Domestic Abuse and Forced Marriage Helpline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for anyone seeking support.”

“We have recently announced additional funding to enhance the ability of frontline services working in this area and those services stand ready to support anyone experiencing violence of abuse.”

Providing further comment, the SNP MSP said: “I welcome the First Minister’s comments which reiterate that help is there for any woman experiencing or at risk of domestic abuse who will be anxious at the announcement of tougher restrictions.

“While I urge everybody to remain mindful of the public health guidelines, if you or anybody you know is in immediate danger from the threat of violence, please seek help and advice to ensure that you are safe.”

The update to the Scottish Government’s Coronavirus restrictions can be viewed on their website.

The full question and answer can be viewed below:

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