Unfair Fire and Rehire Employment Practices Must End

Ruth Maguire MSP today raised concerns about unfair employment policies which have been highlighted through the pandemic.

Speaking in the Scottish Parliament today, she drew attention to fire and rehire practices and sought agreement from the Scottish Government that steps should be taken to stop them.

The SNP MSP for Cunninghame South said: “Appreciating the limitations around employment law, it is, however, vital that steps continue to be taken to deal with unfair working practices and unscrupulous employers.”

Minister for Business, Fair Work and Skills, Jamie Hepburn said: “This is a practice I know has been reported, it’s something I’ve been able to discuss with the STUC and their affiliates.

“I do have concerns about this type of practice not being wholly compatible with our aims around fair work.

“I’ve recently written to Gavin Newlands MP setting out the Scottish Government’s broad support for his proposed bill that looks to tackle this matter.”

Providing further comment, Ms Maguire said: “I appreciate that my revulsion for fire and rehire employment policies is shared by the Scottish Government and that they agree that this should be brought to an end.

“Employers who subject their workers to these exploitative practices should be penalised and I will watch with interest as the SNP bill to curb these employment policies is introduced in Westminster.”

The full exchange can be viewed below:

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