Building a Better Future

On the SNP’s ambitious housing policy Ruth Maguire SNP for Cunninghame South said:

“Our homes are more than just bricks and mortar – good housing supports our health, our wellbeing, our life chances and our job prospects. 

Everyone deserves a home that brings us those chances and opportunities.

If re-elected The SNP will deliver 100,000 affordable in the next decade.

And we will take action to ensure that all homes meet the same quality standards, so that whether you are a council or housing association tenant, in private rented accommodation or a home owner you can expect the same from your home no matter where you live.

This action will not only make an important contribution to tackling child poverty and our continuing work to end homelessness but also play a key role in helping Scotland’s economy to recover.  

Our housing ambitions support a total investment package of around £16 billion and 14,000 jobs each year.

To make the largest home building and investment programme since the start of devolution happen it has to be both votes SNP on May 6th.”

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