Time for a Fashion Revolution

Ruth Maguire SNP attends Fashion Revolution Scotland Discussion

This week Ruth Maguire was delighted to be invited to an online event hosted by Fashion Revolution Scotland. 

Fashion Revolution, is a global movement of people working to bring positive change to the fashion industry, by raising public awareness about the systemic challenges facing the global fashion industry.  Fashion Revolution wants to help people understand the impacts of their clothes and how they can influence the global fashion industry. Those representing Fashion Revolution come from across the spectrum, from designers, consumers, producers and trade unions, who share a common love of fashion but do not want clothes to exploit people or destroy the planet.  

Fashion Revolution believes radical and revolutionary change is needed, that the global fashion industry should conserve and restore the environment, and value people over growth and profit.

Ruth, along with fellow Scottish Parliament election 2021 candidates, was invited by Fashion Revolution Scotland, to a discussion on sustainable apparel practices within Scotland. The aim of the event was to encourage positive discussion about the way forward for Scottish policy, with particular reference to recycling and behaviour change.

Ruth enjoyed the contributions of the other participants.  Discussing the sustainable fashion practices in Scotland Ruth said:

“When talking about individual purchasing, it’s important to understand inequality and the pressures both societal and financial on, in particular families.  Buying a well tailored winter coat that will last for decades is simply not an option for many people.  Handmade leather shoes that will last a lifetime with some care and repair might be cheap over the lifetime but an initial outlay of hundreds of pounds is not possible for all.

“Fair work should be at the centre of a move toward sustainable fashion.  Fair wages and good conditions for the fabric and garment workers who produce our apparel are important. We also need to ensure that our citizens, have enough income to make sustainable choices and buy high quality garments that last and are worth repairing and repurposing. 

“Community led initiatives to re-use items for example school uniforms are becoming more commonplace and a good illustration of a successful initiative that results in a cultural change, reduces waste is accessible for many and can tackle poverty in a stigma free way.”

Central to our recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, the SNP manifesto has ambitious and progressive policies for a sustainable future.  If re-elected an SNP Scottish Government will bring forward a Circular Economy Bill to promote the reuse of products, reduce waste and will create a fund for innovation in tackling textile pollution and will bring forward a Wellbeing and Sustainable Development (Scotland) Bill. To elect a government which is determined to make lasting positive change for future generations it has to be both votes SNP.

To read more about the SNP’s policies for a sustainable future click here.

Fashion Revolution Week is happening 19-25TH April 2021, find out more here.

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