Both votes SNP for immediate action to remobilise NHS

With only 48 hours to go the election Ruth Maguire urges people in Cunninghame South to give both votes to the SNP by Thursday 6 May, for “immediate action” to remobilise the NHS in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

There is no time to waste to get the NHS back on it’s feet.  The next government has to be prepared.  Only the SNP are ready to get to work, with plans to deliver a pay-rise for NHS staff, open the first three fast-track cancer diagnosis centres and publish an NHS Recovery Plan to increase NHS activity by 10% to deal with the delays built up by the pandemic within the first 100 days, if re-elected. 

Commenting on the coming election Ruth Maguire said:

“With decisions on Covid restrictions to be taken within days of the result, to keep Scotland safe, it is vital we elect a government that is capable of protecting our citizens.   

“In this election, only the SNP is offering experienced leadership and a serious plan to build a sustainable recovery. 
“The pandemic has placed exceptional pressures on our NHS. It’s been a tough year for all of us and for health and care staff, they have faced the most difficult challenges.  We cannot thank them enough for their efforts. 

“The next government has no time to waste in helping our health service get back on its feet – and if the SNP is re-elected on Thursday, we are ready to begin work immediately with a plan for a full-scale remobilisation of our NHS. 
“Within just 100 days, we’ll have delivered a pay-rise for NHS workers, opened the first three fast-track cancer diagnostic centres and removed NHS dental charges for care experienced young people as the first step of removing them for everyone. 
“And within 100 days we’ll publish an NHS Recovery Plan – detailing how we’ll support a 10% increase in inpatient, day patient and outpatient activity to address delays caused by the pandemic, accelerate recruitment of staff and implement our Cancer Recovery Plan. 
“We will also lay the groundwork for vital longer-term reforms – including taking the first steps to establish a National Care Service, which will bring enormous improvements both for people receiving care and the staff who care for them. 
“Polls show that the result of this election is on a knife-edge – and every vote counts. By giving both votes to the SNP on Thursday, people can elect a government with experienced leadership and a serious programme to direct Scotland out of the pandemic, and importantly a government that will protect our NHS in this crucial time.” 

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