Scottish Attainment Challenge

Today in the Scottish Parliament, Ruth Maguire MSP participated in the debate on the Scottish Attainment Challenge.

Through the course of the debate Ruth acknowledged and reflected on the impact changes to the Scottish Government’s approach to the Attainment Challenge Fund.  Ruth noted that she cannot welcome any reduction to funding to address the impact of local economic challenges but acknowledged that poverty exists across Scotland and should be addressed across Scotland.

Ruth said:

“The area that I represent has a lot going for it, but it faces severe economic challenges, and no one in my position would welcome a reduction in the funding to address the impact of those challenges. However, it is important to look at the facts of the matter. The Scottish Government decision to change the approach of the Scottish attainment challenge fund was backed by local authorities and Convention of Scottish Local Authorities leaders, and it ensures that the redistributed funding allocations recognise that poverty exists in all parts of Scotland. It is an inescapable fact that there is poverty all over Scotland, and I understand the rationale behind wanting to ensure that the 59 per cent of children in relative poverty who reside outwith the nine challenge authorities receive a fair share of resource.”

Ruth’s speech can be found in full on the Scottish Parliament Official Report here

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