New Indy paper highlights democratic case for independence


SNP MSP Ruth Maguire has warned Westminster politicians that they cannot deny the choice of the people of Cunninghame South by ignoring democracy, as the second in the series of papers on independence is published by the Scottish Government.

The latest paper, titled ‘Renewing Democracy through Independence’, outlines how Scotland’s voice has been ignored at key points in recent decades – from the failure to invest North Sea oil and gas revenues like other neighbouring nations did, to the crippling decade of Tory austerity and delivering a hard Brexit that Scotland overwhelmingly rejected.

In contrast, the paper also shows where the Scottish Parliament has taken decisions within the limited powers it currently has, it has delivered transformative change for the people of North Ayrshire with policies like the Scottish Child Payment, Minimum Unit Pricing and being one of the first nations in the world to provide free period products.

Cunninghame South MSP Ruth Maguire said:

“This latest paper lays bare that when decisions are made by Westminster, it’s the people of North Ayrshire that lose out.

“Hundreds of billions in oil revenue squandered by the UK Treasury, a crippling decade of Tory austerity and the economic and social disaster that is Brexit is the legacy of Westminster control faced by families in North Ayrshire.

“Decisions about Scotland should be taken by those who live here – not by politicians we don’t vote for or unelected Lords. That’s why Scotland needs independence – and Westminster politicians cannot continue to stand in the way of the democratic right of the people of Cunninghame South to choose a better future.

“There will soon come a time when the opposition will have to engage in the substance of the independence argument. It will then be for them to explain why Westminster control would be better than the full powers of independence where Scotland takes our own decisions.”

Scottish Government paper:

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