Elderbank Primary School Visit

Local school, Elderbank Primary, have been learning all about the Scottish Parliament and invited Ruth along to participate in a question-and-answer sessions with the pupils.

Ruth met with the young constituents last Friday morning at the school, where they had prepared insightful and knowledgeable questions for her to answer. Impressed by the calibre of questions, Ruth was thoroughly quizzed on all aspects of parliamentary life from her favourite aspects of the job, and how debates worked alongside some fun questions, like what her favourite foods and hobbies were.

It was evident that the children had enjoyed their topic and that both teachers and pupils had worked very hard on the subject of the Scottish Parliament, with the questions they asked and the work on display on the walls.  It was great seeing the children excited and interested in learning more.

Ruth said it was “It was an absolute pleasure to speak with and take questions from some young constituents at Elderbank Primary School this morning. Class P6N and P6J displayed just how much they’d learned about the Scottish parliament with the thoughtful, interesting and very wide-ranging questions they posed.”

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