Scottish Government Promoting Play in North Ayrshire


Ruth Maguire MSP has welcomed Scottish Government reform plans to increase opportunities for outdoor play in North Ayrshire.

This month the SNP Scottish Government announced £50m investment in play parks and facilities. 

New changes to planning rules also means councils will need to think more about providing outdoor play spaces, but also make sure new developments provide them too. 

This action will increase opportunities for outdoor activity and help implement a commitment to incorporate children and young people’s rights into Scots law and practice.

Commenting, SNP MSP for Cunninghame South, Ruth Maguire said:

“Play is absolutely vital for children – and it is their right to have access to safe places and opportunities to play – this goes right the way up to teenagers, who need safe and healthy places to socialise.

“These new reform plans are another example of where the SNP is taking action to make rights real for children in North Ayrshire, helping families across our communities, and making Scotland the best place to grow up.

“Sometimes, it’s the simple things like providing more and improved spaces for children to play that can make a big difference.”

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