Saturday Voting to boost turnout

For me, imagining an independent Scotland very much includes thinking about how we engage more people in the democratic process.  How we vote might be a good place to start, could there be different ways to the traditional ballet paper?  Participation in shows on TV is huge I wonder, would the same number of folk vote for talent show finalists if they had to go out in the wind and rain to their local school or community centre to do so.  With all our varied ways of communicating and sharing information quickly and easily is it time to take a leaf out of their book when it comes to engaging the people and use an electronic method?

I think so, I appreciate that there are probably cost implications and of course the security and integrity of the data collected would have to be paramount, but as we move forward it’s certainly worth investigating.    

I read MSP Humza Yousaf’s comments about Saturday voting with interest today and look forward to hearing more when the First Minister announces the referendum consultation on Wednesday.

A story in today’s Courier says that holding the historic vote on a Saturday will be one of the issues up for public discussion as part of the Scottish Government’s consultation document published on Wednesday.

Mr Yousaf, the SNP’s youngest MSP, said:

“This is an extremely interesting idea that could boost voter turnout.

“The vote on Scotland’s constitutional future will be one of the biggest decisions we will ever make as a country – it will be a truly historic day when people are given the chance to choose independence and equality for their country.

“That is why I welcome looking at options on how to boost the number of people who vote, and I look forward to hearing the details when the First Minister announces the consultation document on Wednesday.

“This document will give people the chance to judge the Scottish Government’s proposals and submit their views on how they want the referendum to be run. But we firmly believe the referendum must be built in Scotland and the decision must be made by the people of Scotland.

“It will be a defining point in Scotland’s history so it is vital that those from all political sides in this country are given the best opportunity to come and make their voices heard.”

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