Independence 2014 – and how to stand for photos

Cunninghame South Candidates with
Margaret Burgess MSP & special guest Humza Yousaf MSP

Last nights Cunninghame South branch meeting was busy and buzzing with excitement.  The branch has welcomed nearly 100 new members this year so far.  I know it sounds like the sort of thing that people campaigning just say but there is a tangible sense of excitement and increased energy, it really has started.

Margaret Burgess MSP updated us on some of her activities in the parliament.  The good news that Irvine was announced as Life Sciences enterprise zone being one of the highlights.

Our guest speaker was Humza Yousaf MSP who kept everyone entertained as well as informed sharing his background and vision along with some of the stranger scare stories that had appeared in the press and online about what would happen in an Independent Scotland.  We were all suitably reassured about pandas etc!  Questions and discussion followed on both serious matters of engaging others in the debate, sharing a platform with other parties, figure heads and ambassadors for the yes campaign, that 3rd question and lighter issues too. In answer to Michelle Mones twitter outburst which muppet he would be…..Kermit.  

Also generously shared was the best way to stand for photographs, you’ll see from the above pic who listened!  

The branch usually meets on the last Monday of the month at The Volunteer Rooms in Irvine.  Get in touch if you would like information about joining us.

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