This afternoon at a launch in Cunninghame house CEDAR in North Ayrshire was introduced to a wide range of practitioners and community partners from the area.  

The Cedar project is a therapeutic 12 week group work programme for children and young people aged 4-16 who have experienced domestic abuse.  Mothers have the opportunity to attend a women’s group to support their children.  It aims to support children in learning how to manage their emotions and actions in response to domestic abuse.  National evaluations have demonstrated that CEDAR improves children’s physical and mental health, their performance at school and their family relationships.

Referrals are made directly to CEDAR and taken over the phone on 01505 682216, no forms to fill in.  Mums can also refer themselves and their children, the group leaders are happy to have an informal chat  and provide information about other services if CEDAR isn’t the best programme for you and your family.  More information online at