OpeNAyrshire Birthday Bash, LGBT History month

With founding members Sian & Josh

On Saturday I was honoured to attend OpeNAyrshire’s first birthday party.  

OpeNAyrshire are North Ayrshire’s first LGBT youth group.  Set up last year with support from North Ayrshire Council Youth Workers they meet weekly and provide a safe, friendly supportive, fun space for LGBT young people and their supporters.

The event was chaired ably with confidence and good humour by Josh McCormick who welcomed the audience which which included North Ayrshire Councils Provost Joan Sturgeon and Chief Executive Elma Murray.

Speakers from the group introduced us to a selection of short films they had picked.  The introductions and the films were inspirational, informative and pretty emotional.  Some of the younger speakers had never presented in public before, it’s no mean feet standing in front of an audience and sharing, thoughts and feelings so frankly – very proud of you all!

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