International Womens Day 2014 – Women for Independence Irvine

Last Saturday Women for Independence launched a new video to mark International Women’s Day on March 8th.  Designed to appeal to the thousands of women in Scotland who are still unsure how they’ll cast their vote in September or are unregistered, the short film features contributions from 20 women, young and old, from all over Scotland.

Women for Independence has grown enormously over the past 18 months, attracting thousands of women who have never before been active in politics. The video complements dozens of local events which took place throughout Scotland over the weekend.  

Here in Irvine we took to the streets for some campaigning with a stall in Bridgegate and invited women from all over Ayrshire to join us.  The stall was a success and it was particularly pleasing to welcome women who had never campaigned before.  Once we were out of leaflets it was onto the Volunteer rooms for a cuppa and chat about future plans, events and days of action.  Get in touch If you want to get involved, all women of any party or no party most welcome!  

Campaigning activity will step up in the crucial 6 months before the Referendum, to help support women taking action in their communities Women for Independence are currently running an online fundraising campaign

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