Scotland with Gaza

#ScotlandwithGaza Demo in Glasgow

Last Saturday I joined hundreds of others in Glasgow city centre to show our solidarity with Gaza and call for action against Israel by means of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.

100s gathered in George Square in Solidarity with Gaza

Yesterday in Irvine it was great to see local activists out again raising awareness, gathering support and raising funds for Medical Aid for Palestinians.  The speakers were well received and Irvine shoppers seemed keen to sign the petition in support and donate to the relief fund. 

Solidarity with Gaza from Bridgegate, Irvine

I was with YES activists on our stall, Saturday morning is our usual street stall.  We were good and busy, badges, stickers and flags proving very popular as the referendum approaches and folks want to display their support.  Give or take the odd more intense approach from No voters wanting to set us straight (there’s always at least one – two today!) it was really light hearted and encouraging.  

Being next to the Palestinian solidarity stand and hearing the speakers hits home just how important it is that the full powers of a normal parliament are returned to Scotland.  This opportunity we have on the 18th September is about so much more than just what goes on in Scotland.  

It is a chance to play our part on the world stage by ensuring we always have a government that reflects the values of the people of Scotland.  When I compare and contrast Holyrood and Westminster.  I know who speaks more for me and my family.

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