North Ayrshire Young Folk recognised internationally

Scotland calling Tajikistan – Cllr Maguire picture with NA Youth Services
team & MSYP Nairn Macdonald

Unicef’s flagship conference took place thousands of miles away from North Ayrshire but that didn’t stop North Ayrshire playing a significant role.

The council was asked to be Scotland’s representative in the Children’s Water Sanitation and Hygiene Forum.  This was in recognition of their proactive work in improving school toilet provision across our schools.  This need was identified by the Youth Executive following on from a survey of school pupils.
The Joint cabinet, listened and championed the young peoples work resulting in significant improvements in both facilities and a policy which provides common guidelines for the management of toilets across North Ayrshire Schools.

Day cleaners have been introduced in secondary schools and regular monitoring takes place across all schools and pupils are actively encouraged to report any problems.

The Youth services team and young people made a film which documented their experience of making their voices heard and exacting change for their community.  Participants viewing the film described it as “inspirational”. 

The film will receive it’s domestic preview at the next joint cabinet at Auchenharvie academy next week, commenting after the conference Cllr Maguire who is North Ayrshire Councils Youth Champion said:

“Nairn, Paul, Shannon, Courtney and the Youth Services team have done a great job with the film which really highlights the great work that has gone on in North Ayrshire and just how serious we are about listening to and working with young people to find solutions to issues they identify.”

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