The Time for Inclusive Education (TIE) campaign was launched on 28th June 2015 by Liam Stevenson, a 37-year-old lorry driver, and Jordan Daly, a 20-year-old university student, to work towards ensuring that all schools in Scotland offer an LGBTI+ inclusive education, with a particular focus on providing LGBT+ inclusive teacher training.

The campaign has won widespread support from across the political spectrum as well as wider civic society.
In her role as a North Ayrshire councillor back in March of this year, before being elected as an MSP in May, Ruth spearheaded the motion passed by the council to have a report produced on the experiences of LGBT+ pupils in North Ayrshire, as a first step towards tackling homophobia in schools. The success of this motion made North Ayrshire the first local authority to support the TIE campaign.

Since being elected as an MSP in May, Ruth has continued to be a strong proponent of TIE. Earlier this week, for example, Ruth submitted a motioncongratulating the TIE campaign on its first birthday and commending its ongoing work to ensure that all schools in Scotland offer an LGBTI+ inclusive education.

Ruth is also looking forward to meeting with TIE when Parliament returns from recess in September to discuss how she can continue to support the campaign in its future aims. 

Commenting on her support for TIE, Ruth said:

‘Healthy emotional, social and physical relationships are key to well-being for all of us, and prepare young people for the many challenges they will face in life.  I share the belief of the TIE campaign that our young people have the right to see themselves and their families respectfully and honestly reflected in what they are taught in school, and fully support their campaign for inclusive education.”

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