Motion S5M-02032: Children’s Views of Food Insecurity

That the Parliament acknowledges the recent report on children’s views of food insecurity, Living Is More Important Than Just Surviving; understands that the research was carried out by the Children’s Commissioner Scotland, Nourish Scotland and Home-Start Scotland and was prompted by both the reported rapid increase of food insecurity across the country and what is seen as the absence of children’s voices in discussions about the issue’s causes and solutions; notes with concern the findings that suggest that children as young as five can display nuanced understanding of food insecurity and that those interviewed were, it understands, clear that the primary reason for a lack of access to nutritious and appropriate food was a lack of money; highlights that this report was published during Challenge Poverty Week 2016; urges all members to work toward raising greater awareness of, and combating, poverty in all forms, and wishes every person and organisation working to do so every success.

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