Ruth Maguire MSP has called on the UK Government to match any attempts to keep the City of London in the European single market with a deal for workers and businesses in Cunninghame South – and has written to local Tory MSPs to demand that they put pressure on their Westminster colleagues.

The UK Government is reportedly seeking a deal to keep access to the single market for London’s financial institutions – which could mean a post-Brexit Britain paying billions towards the EU’s budget. 

The First Minister has confirmed that the Scottish Government will bring forward specific demands to protect Scotland’s relationship with Europe, which will include proposals to keep Scotland in the single market.

Writing to the three Tory MSPs representing the West Scotland region – Jamie Greene, Maurice Golden and Maurice Corry – Ruth said:

“The revelation that the UK government is exploring options to keep the City of London in the single market – which could mean contributing billions of pounds towards the EU budget – means that it is simply not tenable for Theresa May and her ministers to claim it is impossible to look at similar arrangements for Scotland.

“If the UK Government is able and willing to pursue a special deal for London, then they should also be able to consider a special deal to keep communities like Cunninghame South in the single market.

“There shouldn’t be one rule for bankers in London and another for businesses in Irvine, Kilwinning and Stevenston – especially considering the overwhelming vote by people across Scotland to remain in Europe.

“The Scottish Government has been working hard to protect Scotland’s interests and our membership of the European Union, put under threat by a hard-right Tory Brexit – it’s up to the UK Government to co-operate.”


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