Following tireless representations by local MSP Ruth Maguire and concerned residents, a comprehensive package of proposed improvements to the A737 at Dalgarven has now been agreed by Transerv (who maintain the road on behalf of Transport Scotland) in conjunction with Police Scotland with input from North Ayrshire Council.

The proposed improvements will be set out in detail at a meeting to be held in the near future between Ruth Maguire MSP, residents, Transerv and Police Scotland.

A number of accidents and near misses have occurred over the years at the area around the A737 at Dalgarven, meaning that residents feel unsafe walking along the pavement, access to and egress from properties and side roads is dangerous, and bus passengers need to wait on a grass verge next to the road.

It is hoped that the new proposals will allay residents’ concerns.

This concrete progress comes after many months of pressure from local SNP MSP, Ruth Maguire, who back in March 2017 succeeded in persuading Transport Scotland, Transerv, and Police Scotland to attend an onsite meeting along with her and a number of affected residents and business owners.

Following this meeting, Transport Scotland instructed Transerv to conduct an investigation over July 2017 into the A737 at Dalgarven to identity potential measures to improve safety and reduce risk. Whilst this work was taking place, Police Scotland agreed to carry out additional speed checks in the area.

Transerv then consulted with Transport Scotland on the results of its investigation to develop the recently announced comprehensive package of proposed improvements, which will now be put to residents.

At all stages, Ruth has ensured that residents have been kept informed of progress. Once a date has been agreed, details of the meeting to discuss the proposals in detail will be communicated to all households.

Commenting, Ruth said:

“Many constituents have shared with me their serious and multiple concerns about safety at the A737 at Dalgarven, including the frequency of accidents, speeding, flooding, and, in particular, access and egress difficulties affecting individual properties and the various A737 access roads in the area.

I was pleased to facilitate a site meeting and walkover with Transport Scotland, Transerv, Police Scotland and local residents and business owners back in March and I welcomed Transport Scotland’s decision following this to conduct research into how the safety of the A737 at Dalgarven can be improved.

Following this research, I welcome the news that a comprehensive package of proposed improvements to increase road safety has now been agreed, and look forward to joining with residents to hear about these proposals in detail at a meeting in the near future.

Given the severity of the safety issues raised and the frequency of accidents, I really hope that these proposals will allay residents’ concerns and reduce the number of accidents around the A737 at Dalgarven.”





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