SNP changes to income tax will benefit both women and families with a disabled adult – with 79% of women seeing their income tax fall as a result of the Scottish Government’s progressive proposals.

Figures published by the Scottish Government showed that of families with a disabled adult, 93% would see either an increase in their household income or their household income would remain the same – while of the 1.11 million female taxpayers in Scotland, nearly 8 in 10 will see their tax bill fall next year should the proposals be agreed by Parliament.

The proposals will see 70% of Scottish taxpayers pay less income tax than they do currently – with the changes helping to level the playing field for women and the disabled while gender and disabled pay gaps continue to persist, as well as allowing the Scottish Government to invest in our NHS and protect public services. The Scottish Government continues in its aim to close the gender and disability pay gaps.

Commenting, SNP MSP Ruth Maguire said:

“These figures show the positive consequences of the changes to income tax for many people in society.

Of course, our aim must be to close the gender and disability pay gaps for good – but as long as equal pay is not yet a reality, it is only right that the tax system helps level the playing field.

The fact that 93% of households with a disabled adult will see either an increase in their household income, or their household income remain the same, can only be a good thing – and is yet more proof of the SNP’s progressive approach to taxation.

Tory cuts south of the border are hitting women and disabled people hardest – while in Scotland we take positive action to protect public services, mitigate against the worst of the Tories’ cuts and properly fund our NHS.

It is only right that those who generally earn less, whether they are women, disabled people or young people, are not asked to pay for tax breaks for the wealthiest.

The SNP will continue to protect Scotland’s lowest earners.”


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